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Actualize - Keto Meal V2, keto, keto meal replacement shake, keto meal replacement, best keto meal replacment
Actualize - Keto Meal V2, keto, keto meal replacement shake, keto meal replacement, best keto meal replacment

Keto Meal V2

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Formula V2: cream & coconut oil base. As low as $2.30 per 250 calorie serving when you buy 3 bags. ($18.40 per 2000 calories)
✅ Ketogenic: 2g net carbs (3%), 20g complete protein (32%), 18g healthy fat (65%).
Nutritionally-complete: (all vitamins/minerals) powdered drink mix (just add water!)
✅ Delicious: Rich milkshake taste satisfies for hours without raising your blood sugar.
✅ Contains: Milk. Added Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Soy-Free.

Chocolate Malt Flavor contains Swiss Cocoa & Monkfruit.
- Cocoa is a powerful antioxidant (1113 ORAC Units).
🥛 Vanilla Cream Flavor contains Vanillin & Monkfruit.
🍵 Matcha Green Tea Flavor contains Matcha Green Tea & Monkfruit.
- Contains ~ 2:1 ratio of caffeine (70mg) to theanine (35mg) for calm energy.
- Matcha Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant (3239 ORAC Units).

Customer Reviews

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Delicious but some concerns

I've tried green tea, chocolate malt, and vanilla creme. I love them all and have different uses for each one. I've used them in my morning hot beverage and in the hot days made into iced smoothies.

My concern is that none of the ingredients are organic, that the vanilla is a chemical called vanillin, and that there is no testing for glyphosate which now a major cause of brain and gut problems known to come from the cows eating treated foods and grasses. It has even been found in vaccines made with trace amounts of animal products. I wrote to the CEO who didn't seem concerned enough to make any changes.

In the meantime, I am looking to source a similar product that would cost more, but have real vanilla (not flavorings), and pastured organic milk solids that have been glyphosate tested.


Keto Meal V3

Love it, but it has to be mixed fresh, in a blender.

Love the matcha flavor. Mixed it first in a blender ball bottle and it was fairly lumpy. The taste and texture of the lumps was not palatable. I next blended it in our magic bullet blender and it came out smooth and creamy with really good flavor. Could drink these all day! I also mixed it in our blender once and then drank it 4 hours later. The chia fiber ingredient had thickened the mixture by this time and the texture was pretty gross. Like drinking psyllium husk (metamucil) after more than 5 minutes. Overall though, it's easy for me to mix it fresh in a blender, and when prepared this way it's fantastic. I love not having to add any cream or oil to it for the fat and I love that Actualize uses the best ingredients. There is nothing on the ingredient list that makes me shy away from Actualize unlike other brands.


Love the product, It's pricey, I am not sure I will reorder.

Tastes great.

This stuff is amazing. Took too long to arrive though.