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The 10 Commandments of Actualizing Mind & Body


If self-actualization is the highest pursuit in life, then how do we Actualize our mind and body potential? There is no easy answer, but following these lasting principles will ensure you're on the right path. Because we practice what we preach, these are also the values of Actualize as a company. Here are our "10 commandments," so you know what we stand for at our very core:

1) You are the Guru.

In a world where there are always more questions than answers, people have always flocked to 'gurus' to show them the way. While studying and consulting with legitimate experts can be incredibly enlightening, in the end, no one knows your mind and body as well as you. So as Bruce Lee said: "take what's useful and leave the rest."  Or as Dr. Cam tells his coaching clients, "my job is to make you your own expert." Our mission is to help you find your own way.

2) There is No Magic Pill.

While food is indeed medicine and some supplements have a solid evidence-base for improving health, there is literally no pill that can give you a full, rich, and meaningful life. Whether it's a pill or a practice, these are just tools to help you actualize mind and body health. We don't promise magic results but provide you with aids that literally supplement your daily hard work, which is the real 'secret sauce' to achieving your potential.

3) More Science, Less Fiction.

Too much of the health and wellness community is snake oil, and the 'influencers' merely salesman trying to make a quick buck. Does anyone really believe you can gain double-digit muscle in single-digit weeks, use crystals and wristbands to heal your bodies, and gulp brain elixirs to make you a super genius? Yeah right! Our company is run and advised by leading professors and clinicians who publish papers and take science seriously. Actualize stands for real science. No gimmicks.

4) The Biggest Determinant of Health is Social.

Yes, diet and exercise are critical, if not transformative practices. But in the end, loneliness is a bigger predictor of longevity than anything you eat or do. Humans are social creatures, and their spirits need to be nourished as much as their minds and bodies. That's why we don't just make consumer products but are building a community of like-minded people to connect and be together. Actualize is not just a company, but a movement that brings mind and body health to the world.

5) Behavior wins. Make the right thing easy to do.

Behaviorism is arguably the biggest contribution to science in the 20th century. Dr. B.F. Skinner showed that all behavior is subject to principles of reinforcement, and no behavior will continue unless it's rewarded. So instead of continually trying to use willpower or motivation to change, we'll also help you shape your environment to make the right thing to do, the easy thing to do. This way, mind and body health can be achieved with the "Wu Wei" of the Taoists: effortlessness.

6) Quality of life is the Outcome. Not Being Superhuman.

Unless you're a professional athlete that makes a living by winning competitions, the rest of us are simply trying to be as healthy as we can be and achieve our potential. Thus, while we believe in self-experimentation, we don't believe in "biohacking" in order to try be "superhuman" at any cost or side effect. The goal of life should not be the quantity of life or "winning" some zero-sum game, but about maximizing the quality of life for yourself and others.

7) Seek Meaning. Not Happiness. 

Counterintuitively, the surest way to be unhappy is to seek happiness. No one can be happy all the time, and even when we achieve happiness, we're wondering when it will leave us, desperate to get that happiness 'hit' again. This is known as the 'Happiness Trap', and the only way out is to make your life about meaning, or pursuing lasting contentment, rather than happiness, which is a fleeting emotion. Ironically, happiness comes most often to those who seek meaning first.

8) Integrity is King.

Jobs and companies come and go, but integrity stays with you forever. Though the food and supplement industry is barely regulated, we hold ourselves to a higher bar, and strive to be as transparent and honest as reasonably possible. We know you're putting your trust in us, and we make sure to earn that every day.

9) Innovation is Growth.

Like Amazon, it is "Day Zero" every day here at Actualize, in that we're testing and inventing new things every day. Innovation is what separates great companies from good ones, and from people who are thriving from those who are merely surviving. As Bob Dylan said, "he is who is not busy being born is busy dying." So practice the Japanese philosophy of 'kaizen', or continuous improvement, by taking small steps to iterate on yourself every, single, day.

10) Take your Mission, Not Yourself, Seriously.

We take our mission of providing the best content and products to actualize mind and body, as seriously as possible. However, we don't take ourselves as people very seriously, and humor, creativity, and whimsy should be encouraged and treasured. As Ryan Holiday said, "ego is the enemy", and we try to humble ours. Humor, like love, is one of the great unifiers of humanity, and we like to keep it real (and light-hearted!) with ourselves and our amazing community of people like you.

Bodyfit & Mindful,

Dr. Cameron Sepah

Founder & CEO, Actualize