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About us

Actualize is a keto-friendly instant meal that is quick and easy, super healthy, and tastes like dessert. We want to make eating healthy easy by making keto easy, and help people become the best versions of themselves.


Our story

Dr. Cam was at a startup (Omada Health), helping people with diabetes get better through coaching around diet and lifestyle. But he saw how difficult it was for people to change their habits and do all the work to eat healthier - coaching only goes so far, and it’s expensive. He realized that making a healthy diet easy would make a bigger difference for so many more people, and not just people with living with diabetes. So he created Actualize, an instant keto-friendly, diabetes-friendly meal in convenient powdered form.
Together with help from axcho - Creator of Super Body Fuel, Actualize was born! In 2019 Axcho took charge of the business with a more focused approach to take it beyond the diabetic community, to improve many people's lives with a little help from Actualize.

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