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Our mission

Eating healthy is hard. Eating keto is harder. And it’s even harder when you’re too busy to cook or you're hooked on sugar. We know the feeling.

The only way we’ll have the energy to solve the big problems in our lives - and the world - is if eating healthier gets a lot easier and tastes really good.

Actualize is here to make that a reality, with a keto-friendly instant meal that is quick and easy, super healthy, and tastes like dessert.

We want to help you become your best self, live the life you want to live, and make a positive difference in the world. We want to help you Actualize.

Our story

Actualize began with Dr. Cameron Sepah, a clinical psychologist at Omada Health working to help diabetic and prediabetic patients lose weight and improve their health. He was able to help over 300,000 people lose 3 million pounds through the app he designed and the health coaches he trained, but he kept seeing people struggle with the options available to them - food that was too hard to prepare day after day, or not very tasty, or just too expensive.

Dr. Sepah realized that the biggest opportunity to make an impact was in creating a new kind of food that he could recommend to his patients. Inspired by the rise of nutritionally complete meals in the Bay Area startup scene, as well as his own experience with the ketogenic diet, he created Actualize, a premium ketogenic meal replacement more nutritious, delicious and convenient than anything that came before.

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