Update: Wait, so... how can we actually afford a 50% off sale?

Hi there,

You may have noticed we have a sale going on this weekend. 50% off everything? That's... kind of a lot.

How can we afford that? Are the usual prices just massively inflated, like a luxury fashion brand or something?

The short answer is, we can't. And no, they're not.

We're losing money on every order made during this sale. And that's okay. (And clearly I'm not a business major.)

The thing is, Actualize keto meal is an expensive product. The powdered cream, the premium flavors and nutrients, the single-serving packaging, the "free" shipping? That all costs money. And it's not something that fits neatly into the space defined by Soylent, of soy and cheap vitamins.

And it's a pretty new thing. (And, I'll admit it, I'm pretty new to marketing - nutrition and experience design are more my style.) So not a lot of people have tried it.

And because this is a new thing, we don't know exactly who will use it, or how, or what they will like about it. In order to grow this effort, this business, authentically, we need to know who it benefits, and how. Not just throw propaganda at people.

So rather than give money to an ad network to entice people to try it, I'd rather give money to you - the people whose lives we are trying to benefit - in the form of a massive temporary discount.

So please, if you've taken advantage of this experimental sale (and there's still time, if you haven't), reply and let us know what you think. How do you use it? Why? How is it? What serving size would be ideal for you? What price do you think it's worth?

With the sale our best price is $1/packet for 120 packets, the biggest subscription option. It's definitely not sustainable to go below $2/packet, short of some miraculous reduction in manufacturing costs.

But my hope is that we could achieve the equivalent of $1/packet in the form of a bulk powder that you scoop, which is cheaper to manufacture than individual packets. The only catch is that you need a much higher volume of orders, and short of an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign all of a sudden, that's probably not going to happen anytime soon.

But hey - maybe you're really excited about getting Actualize to that price, and would support a crowdfunding campaign right now. I have no idea! If that's the case, tell us! :)

Anyway, that's what this is about. Hoping to get some feedback, some insights from you all. And yes, the sale is going till the end of November, another day or so. The code: HALFOFFHOLIDAY

Let us know what you think. :d

Thank you.


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