Update: Actualize is now slightly cheaper, and shipping to Canada! :)

Hi there,

We hear you - Actualize is not cheap. But we're finding ways to make it a little less expensive - using FedEx instead of USPS for the larger orders, recalculating our costs and margins now that we have some more detailed data.

And here's where we're at so far. The price on the packs has been brought down from $50 to $40 for the one-off orders, and $30 for the subscriptions. That's $4/packet and $3/packet, respectively.

Then we're also able to offer the $2/packet price with the 60-packet subscription, instead of putting the bar all the way at 120 packets. That should hopefully make it a little less daunting to try.

Based on the feedback we've gotten so far, it's clear that the product itself is great, and the price is the real obstacle here. And the small serving size strikes a lot of people as wasteful, as most of you want a full meal, and feel bad to see two 200-calorie packets go into the trash every time. I totally get it.

We're currently discussing options with our manufacturer. They still don't have the equipment to automatically fill 400-calorie packets, unfortunately, but they may be able to hand-fill some fancier 400-calorie pouches. It remains to be seen whether the per-calorie savings of bigger servings will offset the extra cost of hand-filling and fancier pouches, but I've got my hopes up!

In the meantime, we're still looking into the option of bulk powder with a scoop, to bring the cost down as low as $1/serving. It's not likely to be happening immediately, given the volumes needed to actually hit those cost goals, but we'll keep you posted! :)

Oh, and in other news, after getting some requests from a number of people outside the US who'd really like to order some Actualize, we're starting to ship to Canada, at a flat rate of $20 shipping!

That's just about on the edge of profitability for us, given the high costs of sending individual packages across the border, and could cause us to lose money on some bigger orders, but I figured it's worth a shot. Other countries would be even more expensive - we haven't figured out a plan for that yet.

Feel free to weigh in by email, if you have an opinion! :)

And those of you who have been trying out Actualize since the Black Friday sale, we're looking forward to hearing how it's been going for you - please let us know! :D

Thanks again, and best wishes for the holidays.


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