• Become your best self

Become your best self

200 calories, 15g protein, 3g net carbs / packet
packet + 0.5-1 cup water + shake = snack
packets + 1-2 cups water + shake = meal
$5 sample, $4 pack, $3 and $2 subscription
$0 shipping to US, $20 shipping to CA

50% whey protein isolate, 50% micellar casein
0% omega-6 seed oils, 100% real heavy cream
0% artificial flavors, 100% real vanilla or cocoa
0% added sugar, 100% monkfruit sweetened
0% soy, 0% gluten, 0% nuts, 100% dairy

What is Actualize?

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What is keto?

Keto is a fat-burning diet, for faster weight-loss, fewer cravings, better mood and focus. How to do it? Just don't eat carbs! Without sugar and starch to burn, your body will switch over to burning fat for fuel, making little molecules called ketones that your brain actually prefers over glucose! This fat-adapted state is called ketosis, and its many benefits have made the ketogenic diet popular with people trying to lose weight, stabilize their blood sugar, and optimize their energy and cognition.

The BEST low carb meal on the market!

I have tried other meal replacements and protein powders but these meals are superior in quality. They mix well with water so are very convenient. I highly recommend Actualize!


Amazing flavor experience

WOW. Flavorful and rich, what an amazing experience. I have a hard time finding convenient and keto-nutritious options, and Actualize crushed it.


Hits All The Marks

I didn't feel over-full, or under for that matter. I felt energetic and ready for what the day brought. My wife tried one, and told me that maybe I'm onto something with this meal replacement idea.


Keto better with Actualize

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Actualize is for anyone

You don’t have to go keto to enjoy Actualize! Use it to cut carbs or calories, or to fuel up post-workout with protein and electrolytes. Have it as a quick breakfast, take it for lunch instead of eating out, or keep it in your purse or pocket for a convenient meal on the go!

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The science of Actualize

What's inside Actualize? Premium flavors, bioavailable micronutrients, balanced protein, healthy fats, prebiotic fiber, electrolytes and more...

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